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William Riordan is committed to assisting opposing parties reach an amicable and mutually beneficial resolution in their dispute. Mr. Riordan's years of experience in private practice, his service as a District Court Judge and his tenure on the New Mexico Supreme Court and his service as Chief Justice of the New Mexico Supreme Court, has garnered him an insight into assisting others to evaluate their situation from a more detached perspective, taking into consideration the arena of the dispute and the probability of external influences positively or negatively impacting protracted litigation.

To accomplish this, Mr. Riordan familiarizes himself with the controversy from the perspective of each of the disputing parties, before meeting with the disputants, which is why Mr. Riordan encourages counsel for the parties to submit position briefs detailing their client's position. Position briefs should be submitted no less than twenty-four (24) hours before the scheduled mediation \ arbitration. (For additional details concerning position briefs please refer to the procedures section.)

Studying the claim before meeting with the parties provides Mr. Riordan an opportunity to research the viability of specific issues relating to the claim, gives him a fundamental sense of the dispute and an insight of the parties' positions. Experience has proven this saves valuable time, which can be put to better use, assisting the parties to resolve their differences during the mediation session.

After meeting with the parties collectively at the beginning of the dispute resolution session, Mr. Riordan separates the parties and confers with them individually to acquire a more precise understanding of their grievance. Once fully informed, Mr. Riordan presents the parties with his independent assessment of their claim, pointing out their strengths and weaknesses from his professional perspective, before making any effort to resolve the dispute. This process can be uncomfortable for the parties, who obviously believe in the merit of their claim, but sometime have elevated and occasionally unreasonable expectations regarding the resolution of the matter. Once again, experience has proven getting people to step back and look at their claim from the perspective of an impartial observer, knowledgeable in the subject matter at hand, has a positive influence on achieving a mutually beneficial resolution of the dispute.